A Simple Technical Diagram


  1. Too simple, and adds nothing to understanding. Another inflame rather than illuminate, run off the rails post on a topic outside of your admired core expertise.

    What follows is one link among many reputable sources discussing what you denigrate: https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/california-will-ban-the-sale-of-natural-gas-17460877.php

  2. The Chronicle article makes my point.

    BTW: What did Democrats use before candles?
    Answer: Electricity!

    1. Jordan here:
      What is the point you attempted to make Mike? Educate us please.
      And why would you assume the individual who called you out is a Democrat?
      You seemingly possess no grace.

  3. The only problem I see here is that eventually the water will not flow due to the electricity being off, waiting for the wind to blow and the sun to shine. The water towers can only hold so much. Maybe having a plastic water bottle over the candle frame would be better... Oops, no plastic is allowed either.

    It is interesting how people react when the absurdity of the plans for the future are ridiculed. The attacking the messenger is strong in these commenters, you must be getting close to the target.

  4. Well I tried to enter my name rather than being Anonymous, but it will not allow me rpercifield@gmail.com

  5. Thanks Mr Percifield!


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