Ice Storm Update: 7:20pm

Photo by Carol Bauer, Graceville, MN
Via Twitter/X

The Sperry-Piltz Ice Storm Index is at the very dangerous level of "4."

Here is what the colors mean:
Note: the power may be out for a week in some areas.

So far, only about 30,000 people are without power in South Dakota, Minnesota and North Dakota -- all in rural areas (which take longer to restore). Those number will only rise. Just west of the ice storm area at Valentine, NE (on the SD border), the wind is gusting to 55 mph. 

The pink area on the radar (7:15pm) is where freezing rain is occurring. It is also occurring just to the west of the pink area in South Dakota. The snow will change to rain in southeast North Dakota and eastern South Dakota. 

The Latest NWS Storm Warnings
Deep purple is an ice storm warning where numerous power outages are expected (some could last for days)! 

Rest of Color Code:
  • Deep purple is an ice storm warning where numerous power outages are expected. 
  • Orange is a blizzard warning. It includes much of I-80 and I-76 in Nebraska and I-70 in Kansas and Colorado. In KS-CO the snow amounts will be lighter but the winds will be strong. Note, winds are gusting above 50 mph in northern Nebraska and far south South Dakota.  
  • Gold is a high wind warning. 
  • Pink is a winter storm warning for heavy snow except in Minnesota where it is a winter storm watch for an ice storm.
  • Dark green is a winter storm watch for ice.
  • Light purple is a winter weather advisory. Note this has been extended south into central Kansas, thus it includes I-70 beginning at Salina and continuing west -- where it turns into a winter storm watch -- to Burlington, CO.


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