Let's Begin By Selling the Jets!

Via YouTube, one of Morgan's Gulfstream jets
landing at glamorous Innsbruck, Austria

Extreme climate hypocrite, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, says the government should confiscate the property of private citizens because of global warming
Note that he also says "climate conscious corporations," as well as government, should seize private property! Last time I checked the U.S. Constitution, only government has the power of eminent domain. 

After Giving It a Little Thought
You know, I think a limited confiscation would be a good idea. Let's begin with Dimon's four private jets.
Private jets create massive amounts of CO2 but -- like Al Gore, John Kerry, Leo DiCaprio and all of the other climate hypocrites -- Dimon doesn't feel he should fly commercial to help solve the problem. In fact, as the blurb states, he is a private jet cheerleader. Obviously, it is you and I he has in mind to lose our property; not himself and that of his billionaire buddies with carbon footprints the size of Alaska. 

The next seizure should be the State of Florida seizing JP Morgan's considerable assets in Florida. I'm sure Ron DeSantis could put them to good use protecting the citizens of the state from hurricanes. Certainly Dimon, JP Morgan and Morgan's stockholders wouldn't object. It is for a good cause, after all.
Tampa Business Journal
Finally, since Dimon feels the government needs more money to fight global warming, I recommend he return the $12 billion ($17 billion in today's dollars) the taxpayers gave him in 2008 to bail out his bank after his ridiculous investment in mortgage junk bonds. The bank is profitable today, after all. If they are short of cash, he can sell the four private jets, right?

As Glenn Reynolds so memorably says, I'll believe global warming is a crisis when the people telling me it is a crisis start acting like its a crisis. 


  1. The debate over banning private jets revolves around the trade-off between environmental benefits and potential economic consequences.
    While advocates argue it would significantly reduce emissions and promote equality, opponents stress the need for more comprehensive solutions and argue against the potential negative impacts on jobs and the economy.

    Honestly, Earth doesn’t care about such a debate, for if Sapiens don’t solve the problem then Earth will do it for us…ultimately by eliminating us from the planet.


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