Kansas: #1 State to Retire

According to the Daily Mail you can retire in Kansas earlier than in any other state. Before you reply, "Kansas?!" the reason I choose to live here is because we have a fantastic quality of live at a very low cost as compared to other states in the region.

Taylor Swift has just become a Kansan as she has moved in -- for better or worse -- with Travis Kelce.

Here in Wichita, during 2024, construction should begin on a computer chip plant that will create 2000 jobs. Also, in 2024, a huge medical center will begin construction in downtown Wichita. It will be an expansion of the University of Kansas Medical School as well as the Wichita State nursing and other related medical profession education centers. We learned this week that the people of Wichita and Sedgwick Co. are in the highest category in the U.S. in terms of charitable giving

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--- The information below is from Wichita State University on December 5 ---


  1. You might want to check the crime rate before you decide to live there.

    1. As oposed to Chicago, Detroit, or L.A. ??? Crime rate in Wichita is way higher than the rest of the state, and it is the largest city and they are currently in city hall making changes to correct this issue ie a new Chief of police and hiring more officers, and demanding more training for the officers in full!

    2. Oklahoma City, for one, has higher crime than Wichita. It is not listed here in any category. https://www.safehome.org/resources/crime-statistics-by-state/

  2. You are right! Kansas is ideal. Affordable quality of life!

  3. It depends on where you live. I feel very safe and have a great quality of life on a small amount of money. I was going to move but realized everything is here. There’s dining and shows and live music and breweries, shops, art etc. Big name chains and small local businesses. And it’s cheap. Because of this, I have money to travel.

  4. We live in Spring Hill Kansas and are fairly happy here. Food and gas prices are not too bad, property and taxes are a little high but we get good government service. We are near big cities so we get to go to places we enjoy but come back to a quiet town after an evening out. We are part owners of a farm in Illinois and taxes , food ,and gas are high there. Thank goodness the crops pay for the taxes and expenses there but it would be a struggle to live there. So Kansas is our choice for home.


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