Tornado Watch: Louisiana and Mississippi

This includes the New Orleans area. The watch is in effect until 4am Saturday.

Because this was not forecast earlier today, you may wish to call your friends and family in the area to make sure they have their WEA weather alarming app, weather radio, and other tools needed to be awakened in case a tornado warning is issued during the night. 

I will provide additional information on Twitter, including storm warnings, @usweatherexpert. 

At this time, strengthening thunderstorms are located over south central Louisiana moving east northeast. No warnings are in effect at this time but they are expected to be necessary.


  1. Yeah, it's Saturday night and this just popped up. Little late, no?!?

  2. Yes it was very surprising gotta go walk my fish now!

  3. Hi Everyone, Thanks for reading. Please note that the tornado watch was FRIDAY evening. Note the date stamp at the top.


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