Al Gore Stomped Onto His Private Jet and is Going Away Mad!

Obviously, Al stomped onto his private jet and is going away mad. Some of us wish he would just go away!

Now that Al is comfortably ensconced in one of his mansions, the rest of us can get to work on nuclear, next-generation nuclear, hydro and other innovative ways to generate electricity and, you know, solve the CO2 issue. 


  1. Silly, as you are better than the above.

    For one who claims you “do my very best to ensure that what I post is accurate”, you fail miserably here given your assumptive thinking and selecting what fits your agenda rather than sharing the full context of Mr. Gore’s statements, such as the link below from 20 hours ago, posted after what you screen share above time stamped 61 hours ago:

    Beyond this, each of us should be “mad” - or at least disappointed - at the less than hoped for outcome of Cop28.

    Perhaps you “should just go away”, if unable to stick to your formidable meteorology expertise?

    1. Mike here: Interestingly, you don't contend Al didn't say that because, of course, he did. The quote is accurate. Perhaps you should write a note to Al that he should be more careful as to what he says.

    2. You miss the point entirely, and selectively attempt to justify your original post above, as what is inaccurate and untruthful is the lack of context you offer

      You are better than the too often inflame-rather-than-illuminate posts in which you engage

      You may remain no fan of former Vice President Gore, but at least be truthful rather than cherry picking quotes for attribution.

      As you claim truth is your standard

  2. "Inaccurate and untruthful." You are saying Al's Tweet is a forgery?

    1. Read mine again please

    2. Mike: Think the concern the poster is trying to raise is you are not presenting full context, and let your own biases cloud your outside-meteorology posts.
      As evidenced by your assumptive headline, and lines such as “Now that Al is comfortably ensconced in one of his mansions…”
      By the way, perhaps a better approach is share your views as to how, “you know, we solve the CO2 issue”

    3. I'm always amused by those who defend Al Gore.

      He is a horrible person: cheated on his wife, assaulted at least three massage therapists, pro-abortion.

      He is a one of the worst hypocrites in history: You and should cut our carbon footprints whereas he travels by private jet and has multiple large homes.

      He knows nothing about science (got a D in the single science course he took at Harvard per his college transcripts). When a scientist tells him things, he further exaggerates them to enrich himself to the tune of $500,000,000 since he left office.

      So, you may defend Gore all you wish but I don't care to engage on this topic further.

      If it weren't for people like Gore (2012, nuclear energy can only play a "limited role") plugging expensive and unreliable wind and solar, we would have solved the problem with nuclear by now.

      Of course, if that were the case, his grift would be over and he would be out of the spotlight. We can't have that!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. My source of $500 million is "Forbes." You can't have looked very hard.


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