3pm Blizzard and Ice Storm Update

Here are the NWS's latest warnings:

Here is the color code:

  • Orange is a blizzard warning. It has been extended into northwest Kansas and farther south in eastern Colorado. I-70 just closed from the Denver Airport exit to Colby, KS.
  • Deep purple is an ice storm warning. 
  • Pink is a winer storm warning. 
  • Gold is a high wind warning. 
  • Light purple is a winter weather advisory (a lesser condition).
  • Ignore the sand colors.
I-70 is now under a blizzard warning in Kansas and Colorado. The blizzard warning just to the east of Denver where the road is closed from the DEN airport exit to Goodland, KS. 

Here is the radar at 2:50pm.
The radar is slightly under depicting snow because it is a dry in some areas. 

Radar Color Code:

  • Pink/Salmon is ice.
  • Blue is snow with darker blue meaning heavier rates of snow.
  • Green is rain, freezing in some areas.

From my friends at AccuWeather, is a forecast of additional snow. 

Additional Ice Accumulation

From the Sperry-Piltz Index Page.

There will be additional power outages.

Snowfall to 6am this morning:
The two dark patches in South Dakota are snow accumulations of 10 to 20 inches. 


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