Major Storm? Need Electricity? You Are On Your Own!

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The U.S. power grid is becoming increasingly prone to blackout amid rising electricity demand and power plant closures, a group of power officials and executives, including Electric Reliability Council of Texas President Pablo Vegas, warned Monday.

At an event hosted by the U.S. Energy Association, a trade group, Vegas said there simply wasn’t enough investment being put into developing the transmission lines, natural gas pipelines and other infrastructure upon which the power grid relies.

If this isn't bad enough, look at this

While every state has different laws, the fact is that judges sometimes look at other states' rulings for guidance. Especially when you consider that wind and solar are undependable and you have a real mess during major storms and extreme temperatures.

So, if you are in a situation where having virtually guaranteed electricity is necessary, it is time to make a plan.

We are on our own!


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