Some Great News: One Wind Farm is Going Away

While I don't necessarily want to tear down currently operating wind farms, the bullying that has gone on -- in some cases -- to get them installed needs to stop. And, a federal judge has taken the first step. The story is from the Tulsa World.

The ruling follows a 2017 appellate court ruling that determined that construction of the wind farm constituted mining and required a lease from the Osage Nation’s Minerals Council, which the defendants failed to obtain.“The developers failed to acquire a mining lease during or after construction, as well as after issuance of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision holding that a mining lease was required,” Choe-Groves said.

Jennifer Cloe-Groves is the federal judge that issued the ruling. 

We've previously discussed how the wind industry lobby is one of the most aggressive both in Washington and at the state level. Unlike nuclear power plants that can last for a century, wind turbines have to extensively revamped after 20 years. 
Wind turbine blades in landfill
Photo from Daily Mail
Given the blades last only 20 years, how is this "renewable" energy?

My opinion: the USA needs to engage, on a large-scale basis, in a construction campaign to build nuclear power plants and, where possible, hydroelectric. 


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