A Book Is a Great Gift

This is a terrific gift for those who enjoy or are curious about weather. Excerpts from genuine reviews:
  • The book is easily readable and very informative. It is a keeper for my library. Great job.
  • Smith is a gifted writer who kept me turning the pages and enjoying the narrative. Warnings has made the short list of non-fiction books (like Richard Preston’s First Light or Gary Paulsen’s Winterdance that I will re-read from time to time for the sheer pleasure of doing so.
  • The book is an excellent story of how science has impacted our country and the safety of its citizens. It is a page turner. If you enjoy Mike’s blog, you’ll enjoy the book. And if you enjoy the book, you’ll definitely enjoy his blog.
  • This is a fascinating book, full of suspense, telling it like it is, and a great learning experience without realizing just how much of what you read will stay with you. I highly recommend this book, it opened my eyes to the difficulties people 'in the know' deal with not just occasionally, but on-going in their efforts to keep us all as safe as possible.
  • Talk about an amazing read!
Hope you will consider this as a gift for your family and friends. 


  1. I was fortunate to write about science, tech, and medicine for nearly 50 years. For me, a great science book must (1) deliver a compelling story and (2) be well written. Warnings satisfies both and then some. When I bought my daughter a Kindle, I made sure Warnings was on it. Highly recommended.


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