Big Climate Evidently Did More Focus Groups...

...and they must have shown they could get away with the "tipping point" ruse again. Big Climate started using tipping point scare tactics way back in 1989, according to my research. They are at it again. 

Don't lose any sleep over this latest nonsense!

Here is my blog post from 2013 titled Tipsy From Tipping Points
Above is a partial list of tipping points, not one of which came to pass. Let that sink in. All of these and not a single one happened!

Don't fall for it!

It isn't a coincidence that all of this is coming out now. Remember, 70,000 people (fewer than 35 scientists) in Dubai -- right now -- are plotting to spend your money to line their pockets. These press releases are cunningly planned to overwhelm you with propaganda to gain political support. 


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