Status of Blizzard and Ice Storm, 4pm

Above is a forecast from now until 7:30pm

Interstate 80 in Nebraska, at least for the moment, 
has reopened. I expect additional closures tonight.

The number of people without power has not risen (I don't think) but
there are large areas not reporting. Some lines are down.
US 281 closed. 

Color code on the 1:35pm regional radar, this was from 3pm.
  • Blue is falling snow with the darker blues indicating heavier snow. 
  • Salmon is freezing rain with darker salmon indicating heavier freezing rain.
  • Greens are rain.
  • Yellow is where thunder is possible with the train. 

The Blizzard
Here is the forecast for additional snow forecast from 7am this morning to 7am Wednesday. 
Roads will range from very difficult to impossible for travel (keeping in mind a snowplow is a non-meteorological event). Winds are already gusting to 40 mph in north central Nebraska! They winds will strengthen throughout the day casing extreme drifting snow.

NWS Warnings as of 4pm.
Deep purple is an ice storm warning where numerous power outages are expected (some could last for days)! The deep green is a winter storm watch for an ice storm.

Rest of Color Code:
  • Orange is a blizzard warning. It has been extended west into Colorado and Wyoming.
  • Gold is a high wind warning. 
  • Pink is a winter storm warning for heavy snow except in Minnesota where it is a winter storm watch for an ice storm.
  • Dark green is a winter storm watch for ice.
  • Purple is a winter weather advisory. Note this has been extended south into central Kansas, thus it includes I-70 beginning at Salina and continuing west -- where it turns into a winter storm watch -- to Burlington, CO.


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    1. Mike here: Yes, I -76 veers southwest into Colorado just inside the Nebraska border.


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