Power Outages Likely Along East Coast

We've talked about the storm forecast to move up the East Coast this weekend. We now have a better idea of what the winds will be and they will be strong enough in places to cause power outages. 

Forecast Weather Map for Noon Sunday
Tropical Tidbits
The thin, black lines are isobars = lines of equal barometric pressure. When they are close together, the winds are high. At this time, the isobars are forecast to be quite close together in the Carolinas.

Forecast Weather Map for Noon Monday
Note the forecast snow in and west of the Appalachians and north into Ontario. Strong winds will be occurring throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New England.

Here is a map of peak gusts from this storm. Note the small numerals (click to enlarge map). 
Wherever you see gusts of ~45mph or so, power outages are possible, especially right along the coast and on Long Island. Please prepare accordingly. 


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