'Green' Energy: The Graft Continues

There is even more graft than I estimated. This update is as of 7:10pm Thursday, the first day of the conference. $4 Trillion!!!

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I am presenting three articles over the next two days in advance of the gigantic global warming meeting in Dubai. They will help provide context in view of the often slanted coverage of the MSM.

We often talk about how the primary sources of propulsion for the global warming movement are 1) power, and 2) cash ... with graft often lurking as part of #2.

Here's the latest scam in the form of solar energy contracts. The title of the piece? The Green New Steal. Just this morning, Instapundit.com published a piece on the Administration's graft "green" energy loan department that 'invests' huge sums of our money in hugely risky enterprises (some run by politically well-connected individuals) many of which have failed

While on the subject of graft, consider the giant climate meeting that begins in Dubai on Thursday. 
Big Climate will host a gargantuan crowd of 70,000 -- virtually all flying thousands of miles by air -- to discuss the weather. Of course, our tax dollars are paying for most of this and much of could be done via Skype. 
A question I often get, which I answer and am happy to do so again today, is "Who Is 'Big Climate'?" As NOAA is now in the business of climate advocacy via its 'Billion Dollar Disaster' nonsense, I suppose I could include them but don't. Big Climate is comprised to the giant advocacy groups that lobby Congress, the Administration, and the bureaucracy to give them more power and more money. They want your money!

Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr. just published this list:
Note that these advocacy groups are authors of the recent (timed for the start of the Dubai meeting) U.S. Climate Assessment even though they are not scientific organizations! For example, the Environmental Defense Fund took in $302 million last year. The Sierra Club endorses candidates and issues a "report card" as to whether politicians behave in the ways the Club wants. 

My point is this: very little of this is about genuine science anymore. It is about power and money. And, it is -- by far -- the biggest financial gravy train in the history of atmospheric science. How many scientists can resist the fame and fortune, not to mention the very existence of their universities "center for earth and climate studies" (whatever the name may be at a particular campus) that comes from being on the 'virtuous' side of global warming? The side that wants to force you to purchase an electric car, an electric stove and an electric heat pump while building only new windmills and solar panels that increase costs and destabilize the grid. 


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