Friday, November 10, 2023

Wind Turbines: A Threat to National Defense -- Really!

This classic World War II story from the late, great George Gobel on The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson on this Veteran's Weekend is a humorous way of getting into a rather serious subject. 

On a number of occasions (examples here and here) we've written about the numerous issues with wind turbines interfering with weather radar. Below is a Kansas radar image with the wind turbines circled. 

None of the echoes below are storms. It is all wind turbines across northern Oklahoma and Kansas. 
While we -- I hope -- don't have to worry about enemy aircraft being obscured by wind turbines in Oklahoma and Kansas, we may have to worry about them off our coasts

The Telegraph of Great Britain brings us this story:
It seems that British Royal Air Force pilots have learned to, during exercises, duck around the wind turbine installations to avoid detection. With all of the concerns about war with Russia -- which would involve aircraft and high-speed low-flying missiles, do we really want these graft machines to clutter our coasts in addition to raising our electric rates?

If I were a politician, I would campaign on stopping every one of these off our coasts and would stop the extensive tax subsidies for wind energy.

Hat tip: Jo Nova.

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