Essential Reading: Terrifying Report About the State of U.S. Energy

We've written about the terrible issues with the electric grid in the East just before Christmas, 2022. Now, a new report is out that discusses how close we came to a catastrophe not only involving electricity but also involving natural gas. 

On Christmas Eve (2022) morning, the five interstate natural gas pipelines serving Con Edison began experiencing drops in pressure at Con Edison’s citygate due to production losses and operational issues. The pressures declined precipitously and at noon, the pipelines informed Con Edison that they had exhausted their line pack and storage withdrawals, and pressures would not improve until demand decreased... Had Con Edison’s citygate pressures not recovered, 
it was in danger of losing pressure on, or needing to cut service to, all or large portions of its system. Even losing service to 130,000 customers would be considered a major outage and could have taken five to seven weeks to restore, depending on the availability of mutual aid. Had it lost the majority of its system, over a million customers in New York City and nearby areas would have been unable to heat their apartments and houses while the outside temperature was in the single digits...”  [emphasis theirs]

The entire commentary is essential reading. It details how millions of New Yorkers (remember, a million "customers" = homes and businesses, not people) would have had to be evacuated for months had the gas situation gotten just slightly worse. We keep building wind and solar, rather than carbon-free nuclear -- which are useless during cold, overcast conditions with light winds. 

The U.S. government is no longer a serious enterprise. It worries much more about transgender issues than it does adequate, reliable energy or an EMP event (natural or man-made) that could wipe out the entire electric grid and send us back to the 1870's without the 1870's infrastructure -- killing tens of millions. 

As the article explains, we don't have those issues with nuclear but Big Climate doesn't want the issue fixed. If the issue is fixed, they lose contributions and power. Note the description of the giant monetary contribution from Michael Bloomberg. 

We are coming up on an election year. Energy should be at the top of our priorities in terms of deciding our votes. 


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