Monday, November 20, 2023

STRONG Tornadoes Forecast This Afternoon and Tonight - Updated 2:15m Monday

This important forecast is unchanged from yesterday. If you have friends or relatives in this area, please contact them to ensure they are aware of this forecast since it is not "tornado season."
This Forecast Updated 2:15pm
The yellow, hatched area has an enhanced risk of strong tornadoes. I am especially concerned about the area outlined in red.
It includes Alexandria, Jackson, El Dorado, Monroe and adjacent areas. 

The brown area has a significant risk of tornadoes. It includes New Orleans, Tyler, Biloxi and Mobile. Note that it has been extended farther east into Alabama. 

To assist you with planning, here are forecast radar maps. Remember, these are not intended to be exact.
3pm This Afternoon

9pm This Evening

How to prepare:  I would recommend not traveling along I-20 or anywhere in the hatched region after 1pm and through tonight. If you must travel, make sure you keep your current location in mind and activate WEA on your smartphone. If you get a warning, get off the road. Dr. Craig Ceecee has put together a web site, Find Your Tornado Shelter. Use it to provide a safe area.

At home, make sure your weather radio's batteries are fresh and, even if you have a weather radio. Here are other safety suggestions

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