To Complete the (Climate) Picture....

Last week, the Kansas City Star ran a story about about the depletion of the Ogallala Acquifer. It is serious problem for Kansas and surrounding states, especially as it pertains to agriculture. The article talked about the recent drought in western Kansas that -- thankfully -- broke last spring. 

As it was not mentioned in the article, we thought it was worth noting that, with our changing climate, western Kansas, on average, is getting significantly wetter. 

Below are the rainfall graphs from the National Weather Service offices at Dodge City and Goodland. I've looked five other western Kansas weather stations and they all say the same thing -- wetter. 

The same is true in adjacent areas of Oklahoma and southwest Nebraska. This is completely at odds with a computer model study that said western Kansas will get drier. 

While I am entirely in favor of a reasonable plan to conserve the underground water supply, Mother Nature's help is most welcome. 

In spite of what you hear from the MSM, and almost all climate advocates, the climate in the United States is not getting worse. Wetter (good west of the Mississippi), fewer violent tornadoes, normalized tornado losses down, hurricanes flat (normalized damage down), flood deaths and damage down, and agricultural productivity way up. 


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