Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Thanksgiving Travel; Including Post-Thanksgiving Snow

Here are my final forecasts regarding pre-Thanksgiving travel. 
Noon Wednesday
Because of heavier rains earlier in the day, flight delays may be common at Atlanta, Washington and New York. Flight delays may develop at Seattle as a new storm moves in from the Pacific. 

6pm Wednesday
By Wednesday evening, snow -- some heavy -- will be widespread in Montana and parts of Idaho. Gusty winds may accompany the snow in Montana. The cold front draped from Montana to Wisconsin will bring in much colder air. 

Thanksgiving, 6pm
By Thursday evening, the first large-scale winter storm of the 2023-24 winter will be making its way southeast from the Rockies with heavy snow in many areas (dark blue). In Wyoming, blizzard conditions are possible at times as wind gusts could reach 50 mph. 

Preliminary Post-Thanksgiving Snow Outlooks
While these are still preliminary, these will -- I hope -- assist you in planning your return travel after Thursday.

24-Hours Ending 6pm Saturday

24-Hours Ending 6pm Sunday

While certainly not unprecedented, snow as far south as Oklahoma before December is unusual. 

Rain forecast for 24hr ending 6pm Sunday
There will be a large area of light to moderate rain (no flooding) over the South Central USA late Saturday and, especially, on Sunday.

8-Hour Snow Forecast Ending 2am Monday

Of course, I will update these post-Thanksgiving forecasts. However, you may wish to consider these when making your post-Thanksgiving travel plans.

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