Wednesday, May 19, 2021

NOW is the Time to Create a Preparedness Supply

I don't know if the intelligence community in Washington has picked up on something, or is just extrapolating from the recent Colonial Pipeline terrorist shutdown, but the flurry of articles on the subject of electrical system terrorism continue.  Plus, there is nothing we can do to stop a solar storm from attacking earth. 

It is almost impossible to overstate the catastrophe -- far worse than the COVID shortages or last week's gasoline shortages -- that would exist if our electricity was shut off in a large geographic area for any significant amount of time. Possible examples:
  • Stores quickly run out of goods -- including grocery and drug stores
  • Water supplies, at best, are limited. 
  • Hospital generators run out of fuel. 
  • Cell towers and telephone systems fail a few days into the crisis.  
That is why I urge my readers to stock up on essentials in a way that could sustain them for at least two weeks. We have a longer-duration supply in our home. We rotate things out so the supply is fresh. Included are water purification straws -- they are inexpensive and will be vital if water supplies become limited. 

I have no financial interest in any of this. I want my readers to be prepared if the worst should happen as I have absolutely no faith in the FBI or DHS's ability to stop a terrorist attack of this type. 

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