Monday, May 3, 2021

Tornado Watch for North Texas and Southeast Oklahoma

Here is what the NWS is forecasting:

  • Regular and a few "intense" tornadoes.
  • Hail to 3.5" in diameter.
  • Thunderstorm-generated wind gusts to 80 mph
Now is the time to prepare:
  • Charge your laptop and cell phone but disconnect them when you hear thunder or see lightning. 
  • If you have children or an infirm friend or relative, make provisions for them now. 
  • The above is true if you live in a mobile home -- make plans to quickly leave or stay with a friend with a basement or well-constructed home. 
  • Put your car in the garage. 
  • Make sure your tornado shelter area is ready to go. Put a couple of bottles of water in it. Always wear shoes when you shelter from the tornado. 
I'll be providing additional information on Twitter @usweatherdata

Below is the 4:05pm satellite image. Thunderstorms are starting to form near Abilene. Towering cumulus clouds, the first sign of thunderstorm development, are forming on the west side of the Metroplex. 
Please monitor the weather for the rest of the afternoon and evening in the tornado watch area!

Addition at 4:23pm: First thunderstorms are now forming. Now is the time to begin monitoring the weather and making sure you are putting the preparation suggestions are in place. 

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