Sunday, May 16, 2021

Major Flood Threats Central and Southern States

Ark-La-Tex Region

Let's begin with a recap of the rainfall from last week, ending at 7am this morning.

I have labeled the states as the state lines on this map are not as prominent as I would like. Click to enlarge. More than five inches (reds) have fallen across a broad area. Those rains have saturated the soil and have a number of rivers running high.

The forecasted rainfall (below) through Friday shows 5 (orange) to 7-10" (amber). There is a small area of east-central Texas where more than ten inches is likely. 
If these rains materialize, widespread flooding will occur. I urge you to prepare accordingly, especially if you live in a flood-prone area. 

Kansas has received the most heavy and 
widespread rains in at least a year. The map shows rains over the last four days. 

The map below shows there is severe flooding 
in the red-purple areas, including near Interstate 70 just east of Salina. Flooding is also developing on a more scattered basis in the Flint Hills from I-70 south of Manhattan to Emporia. The town of Natoma is flooded

Use extreme caution in these areas and -- above all -- turn around, don't drown.

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