Babylon Bee on COVID Safety

 From the "Dr. Fauci School of Safety"...

The Babylon Bee isn't the only one noticing this lunacy. Early last week, I had conversations with a couple of vaccinated individuals who wanted me (also vaccinated) to:
  • Wear a mask
  • Maintain six feet of distance
  • Bump elbows rather than shaking hands (even though the medical science now says COVID is not spread by touch)
  • Fill out a contact tracing form! [everyone in the group had been vaccinated]
Why are we doing this?! The risk to vaccinated people of something more than a cold is less than 1:210,000. That is less than being hit by lightning.

My sense is that all of this discourages vaccinations. If nothing is going to change, why take the (very small) risk of complications? 

In the last few weeks it has become completely clear that there are people who enjoy all of this. 
I know I don't. And, the mental health toll of putting masks on children during their developmental years may be more serious than we imagine. 

It is time to see friends and get out into the fresh air. Encourage your children to play outside or in a park. 


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