Thursday, May 6, 2021

Chance of Tornadoes in the Central Great Plains Saturday

I'm posting this preliminary forecast since this is the highest chance of tornadoes in parts of this area in two years. I'm concerned that some may be out of the habit of getting their shelter area in shape, et cetera.

The hatched yellow area is where strong thunderstorms could occur if the "cap" (a layer of warm air about 6,000' above the ground) should not be as strong as currently forecast.

So, if you live in Wichita, Topeka or other parts of the yellow areas northwest (left) of the red line, I recommend:
  • Check your shelter area, make sure it has a couple of bottles of water and a flashlight. 
  • Always wear shoes into your shelter area.
  • Put fresh batteries into your weather radio. If you haven't already, activate WEA alerts on your smart phone (under "notifications").
That's it. Then, start monitoring the weather after about 2pm Saturday. 

Of course, I will update the forecast between now and then. 

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