Increasing Flood Risk for Eastern Kansas and Kansas City Vicinity

Bottom line: Flooding will increase over northeast Kansas and the metro Kansas City area into tonight. 
Remember: Turn around, don't drown. Do not walk or drive into flooded areas. 

As of 12:50pm, the radar shows thunderstorms forming a "train" situation (the thunderstorms move over the same areas over and over like the boxcars move down the track) between the red arrows. The amber polygons are areas already under flash flood warnings. 

There is a large area of rain coming out of Oklahoma (purple arrow) that may hold together and reach this area late this afternoon or this evening, further increasing rainfall totals. 

The latest "recurrence interval map" to 12:55pm depicts twelve hour rainfalls are reaching the "once in ten year" level (reds) with "once in five years" fairly common over the Flint Hills from Emporia to Ft. Riley.
Heavy amounts have fallen in south Kansas City, also, with more in the way. 

Some areas may receive 5" more inches before midnight. Use care. 

I will have additional updates on Twitter  @usweatherexpert . 


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