Friday, May 28, 2021

Sober Article About Global Warming and What We Should Do About It

Remember the terrible 2012 drought in Texas? It was supposed to be a precursor to eternal drought in Texas caused by global warming. Showtime even did a one-hour documentary on it. Oops. 

Of course, that drought is gone. It was a typical fluctuation of weather. Anthony Watts posted this great graph of Texas rainfall (below) to illustrate. When it was extremely dry it was "climate change." When it got wet it was "weather." 

Speaking of oops, there were a number of articles that attempted to tie the Joplin Tornado to global warming. This is what you get when you try to retrieve them today:
When it comes Big Climate, an accurate motto would be: Always Certain; Usually Wrong.

Final point: absolutely the last thing we should do is install more wind turbines.
Still, independent climate scientists continue to point a more positive direction. Short, cogent read here.

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