"Heat Burst" in Northern Oklahoma

About 11:20 this evening, a heat burst occurred near Ames, Oklahoma, which is in the eastern part of Major County. A heat burst is a downburst that occurs as a thunderstorm dissipates. It causes very high winds and rising temperatures, even at a time of day when the air is usually cooling. 

At 11:09pm, what was left of a thunderstorm that originated in the Texas Panhandle 

By 11:40, it was gone. The circles near Enid and Waukomis are reports of wind damage. 
The highest wind reported, so far, was 71 mph at the Oklahoma Mesonetwork's Lahoma station, along with a temperature rise of 3°F. Vance AFB outside of Enid reported 70 mph and Enid's Woodring Field reported at gust of 68 mph. Based on radar, there may have been even stronger gusts over parts of eastern Major county. 

While some wind damage occurred with the heat burst, these are, unfortunately, impossible to forecast. 


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