Monday, May 17, 2021

More on the Danger of Catastrophic Solar Storms

Saturday, I posted a piece titled "Well, This is Terrifying..." on the extreme danger posted by solar storms to America (especially) and the world. 

Meteorologist Roger Edwards brought the article, Racing the Sun to Protect America to my attention.

Posted Friday, it outlines the danger to GPS and to America should a strong solar storm occur. 

If you think the COVID shortages of 2020 or the gas shortages of last week were bad, the problems would be far, far worse if a solar storm (CME) should occur. 
With a Carrington intensity solar storm there is a chance your car will be dead (literally) along with many appliances that contain chips or are connected to commercial power. This is especially true in more northern locations. 

As the article goes on to say, 

Government leaders have known about this near-existential risk to America for years. They have promised to to act [since 2004] but haven't. 

This is a far greater risk than global warming or countless other items that occupy Washington's time. This is worth writing a note to your congressional delegations' web sites. Please do. 

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