Sunday, January 5, 2020

Sunday Fun: Some Serious, Some Not So Serious

The entire list is from the Boston Herald.

1. Stop Recycling: Even when China was taking our trash at super-low prices, it was still usually cheaper to just dump our paper and plastics in a landfill and make more. Now that the overseas market for our dirty pizza boxes and used soda bottles has all but disappeared, it’s time to admit that our recycling model doesn’t work. Recycling costs twice as much — or more — in many communities than simply sending stuff to America’s ample landfills. In fact, if your town does single-stream recycling, your “blue bin” refuse is probably going to a landfill already. They just aren’t telling you.
Amen, amen, amen!!

2. Stop Spending More Money on Public Schools: Oops — too late! Massachusetts just passed a new (and unnecessary) $1.5 billion tax grab on behalf of teachers unions and six-figure salaried administrators. As Corey DeAngelis at Reason Magazine notes, in the U.S. “real education spending per pupil increased by 271% since 1960,” from $3,978 to $14,756 in 2016.  Are our kids 271 percent better educated? Or course not. Student achievement, as measured by international testing, has been flat or falling for decades.
No more money for public schools until our children's international test scores are among the best in the world, considering what we are spending. 

4. Stop the War on Vaping: It takes about two minutes on Google to discover that Europeans have been vaping for years, with few problems. One minute more, and you’ll realize the vast majority of vaping deaths in US were people misusing the vaping tech — usually to get high. Meanwhile, every cigarette smoker who becomes a vaper is a life saved or, at least, one with lower healthcare costs. Regulating vaping? Fine. Banning it? Stop being stupid.
I've never smoked anything in my life, legal or illegal. I think it is dirty and unhealthy. That said, I agree with the above. 

8. Stop Making Political Predictions: If the Trump era has taught pundits like yours truly anything, it’s that we aren’t nearly as smart as we think we are — like the Boston Globe-Democrat’s Stephen Kinzer who predicted last year that,“By the end of 2019, the president of the United States will be Nancy Pelosi”
9. For God’s Sake, Stop Feeding CNN Anchors Alcohol While They’re On The Air! A sober Anderson Cooper is clueless enough.
Amen to both! Did you see AC make a fool of himself NY Eve. It was embarrassing for all concerned. 

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