Climate 'Science' Gets Another One Completely Wrong

Tornado near Dodge City, Kansas, 2017
Under the "Big Climate: Always Certain...Always Wrong" (see posting below) category, here is a new one.

In 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency published a document telling the people of Kansas that global warming was going to make us drier. Wrong again!
Much of the above was based on the infamous climate forecast models which have shown literally zero ability to make skillful forecasts on a regional basis.

The National Weather Service's Dr. Greg Carbon has put together a map, using genuine rainfall data, of how rainfall patterns have changed across the United States during the quarter-century that ended yesterday -- as compared to the previous 25 years.
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And, look what has occurred in Kansas: unlike the EPA's prediction, no part of the state has gotten drier. A few areas stayed the same but most areas are much wetter. Global warming science gets another wrong -- big time.

But, it isn't just rainfall.
Actually, we do know how tornadoes are changing: they are becoming less severe. It is a statistic Big Climate is loathe to publish. How do I know? Here is a peer-reviewed article's conclusions:
Under several methods, there has been a sharp decline in tornado damage. This decline corresponds with a decline in the reported frequency of the most intense tornadoes...

Here is a graph that shows the decline.
The final statistics for 2019 are not in as yet, but this trend appears to have continued with a low number of intense tornadoes. The preliminary number of tornadoes of EF-3+ intensity is 36 which would be right on the trend line.

The point is that -- yet again -- a climate forecast of gloom and doom was completely incorrect. If climate 'science' cannot get three years correct, there is no way it can accurately forecast the weather 30 years, let alone 80 years (the oft-cited forecasts for 2100). 


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