Friday, January 17, 2020

United Airlines Says Its Rotten Customer Service is Due to Global Warming

From the: Global warming, is there anything it can't do? category.
Wall Street Journal, 1/15/20
Bjorn Lomborg -- hilariously -- brings up this Dilbert comic as a response.

The gold standard climate temperature data reveals that temperatures are not rising in the United States since the network was installed in 2005.
United evidently believes its customers are gullible and will believe this nonsense. Their global warming statement is a continuation of its long-time policy of blaming the weather for its operational incompetence.

And, while we are on the subject of global warming and travel:
In 1999, London's rather liberal The Guardian told us that by 2020,
"Spain will be ridden with malaria, the eastern Mediterranean will be as hot as the Sahara desert...and there will be almost no snow in the Alps."

I just checked the Alps snow report and learned 435 resorts are currently open for skiing.

None of these gloom and doom global forecasts has turned out to be correct.

And, finally, in the Maldives where global warming's sea level rise has
been forecast to "swallow" the islands, a brand-new resort opened Tuesday. Pictured below, the resort
is another built in the (what I call) "up close and personal with the ocean" style. Considering the islands were supposed to be 70% underwater by this time, the investors don't seem too terribly worried about global warming.

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