Thursday, January 30, 2020

Why Is the Chiefs' Mascot a Wolf?

Sports Illustrated has a story today about KC Wolf, the Chiefs mascot.
But, the story does not answer the question as to why the Chiefs' mascot is a wolf? Here is the story:

The Chiefs originally played at Kansas City's Municipal Stadium. Originally designed for baseball -- Jackie Robinson played there for the Negro League's Kansas City Monarchs and the Kansas City, now Oakland, A's -- temporary bleachers were set up on the north side of the stadium behind the Chiefs' bench (arrow).
The fans behind the bench were especially vocal. They were often known to "boo" when they didn't think Hank Stram and the Chiefs were not sufficiently applying themselves. The Kansas City Star dubbed them to Wolfpack.

It was here that the longest game in AFL-NFL history was played. When the Beatles played Kansas City, their concert was at Municipal Stadium. Dad thought the tickets -- at $10 each -- were too expensive.

Since Arrowhead Stadium was designed for football, the tradition did not carry over. Municipal Stadium was razed after Arrowhead was built.

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