Big Climate Bites California

Even though there is zero drought in California at the present time (see below), the legislature and governor have imposed draconian
Drought Map as of December 31, 2019
water restrictions that would make it illegal to take a shower and do a load of wash on the same day. Not only is there no drought at the present time, ample rainfall is expected for at least the next two weeks and likely beyond.
Rainfall Foreast For Week of
January 5, 2020
This is more nonsense courtesy of Big Climate and Big Environment. California has plenty of water but the environmental agencies have blocked the development of more storage capacity. So, they created a water 'crisis' so give them an excuse to exercise their power over us.

There is a psychological element of this also: think of the frog in the pan of water with the temperature of the water gradually increasing. They are conditioning the populace to put up with more and more restrictions in the name of environment worship.

We keep having higher electric rates crammed down our throat so that useless solar and (especially useless) wind energy can be implemented. Now, it is unnecessary water restrictions.

When do we stop being sheep?
This is about power, not the environment -- it is past time to push back. 


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