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More Global Warming Propaganda From NOAA

In case you missed this posting on account of the storm coverage. 
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While from time-to-time I would differ with them on some policy issue, I used to have tremendous respect for the U.S. government's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). From its inception in 1970, great scientists did outstanding, important work for the nation. While NOAA still does a great deal of important work, it has gotten into the global warming propaganda business. And, that is a shame.

Yesterday, it issued the 2019 version of a map that is pure propaganda, designed to feed the narrative of worsening disasters. That is just not true.
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In order to create a billion dollar "disaster," NOAA aggregates events from different regions and/or different days, sometimes even from different weather systems to they reach the billion dollar threshold. Let's take some examples from this year's map.
The West
The California + Alaska wildfires -- summer and fall -- is a real laugher. Combining two states (San Francisco to Fairbanks is 2,139 miles) plus fires over two seasons supposedly = a single event.

The Colorado thunderstorms that brought the hail on July 4 dissipated. New thunderstorms formed on the 5th. They were two separate events as shown by the radar on the NWS Boulder's Facebook page.
Again, they had to combine two separate events to create a billion-dollar disaster 

Tornadoes and Thunderstorms
These are utter jokes. Aggregating "Rockies, Central, and Northeast Tornadoes" over three days is not "a" disaster. They are separate events from different storms. Same is true of "Southeast, Ohio Valley, and Northeast" over three days as well as "Central Severe Weather," again over three days. 

A hurricane plowing through several states over several days is a single disaster because the damage is caused by a single, unique storm. In the case immediately above, aggregating "severe weather" in a wide geographic region over seven days is not even close to being a single event. 

The 2011 catastrophic Joplin Tornado produced $2.8 billion in damage; that is a "billion-dollar tornado event." These are not "billion dollar disasters" -- they are manufactured for propaganda purposes and, also, to tell Congress that NOAA (like every federal agency) needs more tax $$$ because of global warming and worsening weather. 

In the United States, as far as I know, there is no type of disaster which is worsening. Here are Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr's United States disaster trend data.

Since we are talking about global warming, here are the world-wide figures. Whether measured by deaths or dollars, there is no increase in either due to global warming or any other reason. 

NOAA: You used to be much better than this. Please go back to being an "honest broker" and provide high quality meteorological and climate data that does not tilt toward one side or another. 

Addition: 11:30pm Thursday, similar commentary on this same topic from Dr. Roger Pielke, Jr

Addition II, Saturday: And, yet another problem with NOAA data -- one that makes the rate of sea level rise look worse than it is. As a commenter at WattsUpWithThat puts it:

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