The First Tornado Watch and Warning of the Day Have Been Issued

Note: the risk of tornadoes is "high" and, of violent tornadoes, "moderate."

Note: I would recommend to people in far southeast (south of the purple line that I have added) Kansas to monitor the weather as if you were in a tornado watch.

This is a dangerous situation and the first tornado warning has already been issued.

How to Prepare - Get Your Preparations Completed Now
  • Make sure you have fresh batteries for your weather radio.
  • Keep your laptop and cell phone charged until you hear thunder. After that time, a power surge is possible which might damage your equipment. 
  • Clear your shelter area of any obstacles. Put a couple of bottles of water inside.
  • Remember to wear shoes into shelter. 
  • You should have at least two independent sources for warnings beyond sirens. Examples would be a NOAA weather radio and the AccuWeather app on your smartphone. Make sure you take these to your bedroom if you are under a tornado watch when you retire for the night. The two make a pretty good "tornado alarm." 
  • Prepare for power failures in Southeast Oklahoma later today and tonight.  


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