Tuesday, January 28, 2020

48-Hour Great Plains Snowfall

Here is the 48-hour snowfall ending at 6pm this evening.
Nearly 18" fell in southwest Kansas near U.S. 54 -- an exceptionally high amount for slightly over 24 hours. Fortunately, winds were light so there was little drifting. The snow is wonderful for the winter wheat. 

I do have a beef with Mother Nature. Since I retired, I could finally, finally, -- after 48 years -- completely enjoy watching a good snow storm instead of having at least some level of worry about my clients or my forecasting team or technology. 
The above map, zoomed in, shows yet another "snow hole" that encompasses my home. Since I retired, we haven't had a single snow that, at my home, covered the grass. So, come on Mother Nature! I don't need a blizzard. A nice 4" at 33° (so the roads don't get bad) will work fine. Thank you. 

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