Tornado, Hail, and Wildfire Forecast for Tuesday [Updated, 4:45pm]

There is a significant risk of tornadoes tomorrow in the Midwest after about 4pm. The first of the severe thunderstorms will probably develop over Illinois. The area in orange has a significant risk of a tornado. The area in red, which includes Chicago, has an enhanced risk. 

There is also a risk of giant hail -- two inches or larger -- in the hatched area. In the remainder of the yellow area, there is a significant risk of 1" or larger hail.

There is also a critical wildfire risk of wildfires in the red area over the southern High Plains. 
Of course, I will update on these risks tomorrow. 


  1. Thanks for the update Mike, you think farther south and east has a risk of storms?

    1. Junior, I apologize. I did not see your question until just now. As you can see, storms are quietly likely near the Ohio Valley. Just scroll up toward the top of the blog.


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