6:20pm Friday Update Pertaining to California Storms

I fear this will be the first of many.

The major storm continues to take shape for California. 
Here are the latest NWS watches, warnings, et cetera. Color code: 
  • Green = flood watch 
  • Amber = high wind warning.
  • Pink = winter storrn warning. In the Sierra, it would not surprise me if a blizzard warning is issued. 
  • Green = flood watch. 
  • Dark blue = winter storm watch. 
  • Purple = winter weather advisory (lesser condition). 
  • Brown = high wind watch. 
  • Sand colored area in Southern California is a wind advisory.

This is the forecast snowfall through Tuesday night. 

Above is the NWS "impact chart" which shows "extreme" impacts in the Sierra. Please expand and read the forecast impacts. 

Flash Flood Threat
The red area is where there is high risk of flash flooding Sunday.

This chart depicts the flash flood risk on Monday. 

Rainfall 4pm This Afternoon to 10am Wednesday
Both charts represent rainfall (or melted down snow) until 10am Wednesday. The map below is a closeup of Southern California. 

Below is a storm timing and effect chart for Southern California.. 


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