Carrington Event: Time to Pay Attention!

From the very beginning of this blog, we have warned of natural hazards like ice storms, tornadoes, tsunamis and others. And, since at least 2011, we have warned of a Carrington Event or an electromagnetic pulse bomb in the upper atmosphere -- either of which would take out the electric grid...likely for weeks or months. 

A number of publications have written about the mass cellphone outage the last few days have written about this topic. But, here's the problem: Presidents Obama and Trump appointed commissions to study this truly existential problem and recommend solutions. But, then, little happened. 

So the question is: Will the United States wake up and fortify the grid before the next Carrington Event occurs. 

And, will you put away at least a week of water and food (that won't spoil) away?


  1. For anyone interested in the possible consequences of an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) caused by either man or the sun, I highly recommend the novels of William Forstchen, starting with "One Second After." The Carrington Event is not some speculative thing that might happen; it is something that DID happen, and it happened at a time when the microelectronics, that we use for nearly everything, did not exist.

    1. Excellent book; I've read it. Jock is correct.


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