Exactly Why We Need a Natural Disaster Review Board

We are six months after the Maui Wildfire and we still do not have any comprehensive answers regarding the cause of the fires, how lives could have been saved or best practices for recovery. 
We do have a report from the U.S. Fire Administration (image above) recommending better earpieces for fire fighters for better communications during high winds and other items. While I am sure those would be helpful, that doesn't come close to getting to the root(s) of the catastrophe. 

Example after example shows our nation desperately needs a Natural Disaster Review Board modeled after the hugely successful National Transportation Safety Board. There are bills before both the House and Senate to create one -- but they do not seem to be going anywhere. 

If you support this idea, please call your congresspeople or send them an email today! 


  1. See the widely viewed LIVE images of the telephone lines being felled/blown off the poles, leaving scorch mark, starting the fire, shown online, recorded via cell phone by resident at the time it happened.


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