"When We are Right, No One Remembers; When We are Wrong, No One Forgets!"

The title is from a poem called Weatherman's Lament and I recalled it when reading the Washington Post Capital Weather Gang's article about a busted forecast in the Northeast Friday and Saturday. Here is one of the comments about the article.

I can vividly remember a much-hyped snowstorm in the DMV around 1977. The forecasters started the noise on a Wednesday, and the storm was supposed to arrive Sunday night. A foot of snow -- at least, most said -- was predicted.

Still holding a grudge about a missed snow forecast nearly 50 years ago! As the poem says, "no one forgets"!

And, of course, the frequently uttered comment I most dislike. 
The Post's entire article is here.

Of course, I wrote a book where I tell the true story (written in the form of a novel so it is easy to read) of how weather forecasting came to be so accurate (Saturday's miss notwithstanding) and how we save thousands of lives each year. The book has a 4.6 out of five rating at Amazon. If you enjoy reading this blog, I'm sure you will enjoy Warnings. 


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