California Storm Underway, 12:15am [Update #2]

Latest Storm Warnings
The color code:
  • Gold = high wind warning. In many areas, the gold is covering up the flood watches and warnings.
  • Green = flood watch.
  • Pink = winter storm warning. 
  • Purple = winter weather advisory.

Wind Effects and Forecast
More than 174,000 homes and businesses are without power which is 
roughly equivalent to 435,000 people. Numbers are still rising.

Forecast of winds in the Southland. 

More than 17" inches of rain (!) are forecast to fall in the mountains north of Los Angeles. 
The above map covers the time period from now until Wednesday morning. 

The area shaded has a slight chance of a tornado this afternoon or evening. 

We hear about "atmospheric rivers" (AR).  I've marked the position of the river, which goes all the way back to southeast of Hawaii. I've also marked the center of the low pressure. 
An AR of this length, tied deep into the tropics, is capable of bringing tremendous amounts of rain. 

Here is the regional radar centered on California. Light blue is snow with the darker blues signaling heavier rates of falling snow. Radar time: 12:10pm.


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