Would It Hurt Them to Headline an Actual Compliment?

I simply don't understand today's news media. Not at all. 

We gave Southern California eleven days notice of an extraordinary storm. Eleven days!

  • We talked about as much as 15 inches in the mountains and flooding rains at lower elevations. Check!
  • High winds and power outages. Check! More than 1.5 million people were without power. 
  • Heavy snow in the mountains that would shut down highways. Check again. 
This forecast map was published February 1, the rains began the night of the 3rd. 
More than ten inches were forecast for the mountains, more than six at lower elevations. As we got closer to the event, forecasts of 17 inches were posted. The maximum amount? 19.97 inches just about exactly where we forecast the seventeen. 

Here is a map of the actual amounts over three days. 
Please note, it is still raining -- hard -- in parts of central California which will increase ultimate precipitation amounts in the Sierra. While the above map makes it appear the ten inches forecast for the Sierra was an overforecast, by the time the storm is over it looks like it will be right on the money. 

So, we had an extraordinary storm, gave eleven days' notice, and still no straight-out compliments. 

As the poem goes:
  • When we're right, no one remembers,
  • When we're wrong, no one forgets.


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