Today is National Meteorologists' Day!

Forecasting the future is hard. Just about everyone thought Baltimore was going to handily defeat the Chiefs. 

Today is the day to celebrate meteorology and atmospheric science. We do difficult work, 24 hours a day and 366 days per year. That work saves thousands of lives and untold billions of economic loss each year

Think about the current storm in California and the incredibly good warnings for it. 
The storm began late on the third of February. This warning was published on January 22! That is eleven days in advance. Below is a sample of the posting which called the upcoming California rains "remarkable."

Without any warning, dozens of people would have died and economic disruption and loss would be much higher. Water managers released extra water from reservoirs so that it could be stored an lessen flooding. Deliveries adjusted. 

So, if you know a meteorologist, please congratulate he or she on their lifesaving work. 


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