Sunday Fun: The NFL Has the Wrong Guy

Chiefs fans are still basking in the memory of 
Sunday's thrilling overtime win. 


Perhaps that is why the NFL, which to my recollection has never before emailed me, sent an invitation to make a deposit on tickets for next year's Super Bowl LIX (59) just hours after the Super Bowl 58 concluded,
There reasons to be sentimental about a New Orleans Super Bowl for Chiefs fans. It was the site of our first world championship after losing to Green Bay in Super Bowl I. My parents attended Super Bowl IV while my then-girlfriend came over the house to watch because I had to babysit my younger sisters 🙃. 

 Keep Matriculating the Ball Down the Field Boys!
That was the game where Chiefs Coach Hank Stram was wired for sound by NFL Films. If you like football and have never seen the above clip, I urge you to watch. 

In homage to Hank, current Chiefs Coach Andy Reid wore the same style sport coat on his way into the stadium Sunday. 
Instead of "65 Toss Power Trap," Sunday's winning play was "Corndog" (really). 

Because there was a tiny chance I would have liked to attend Super Bowl LIX, I went ahead and opened the invitation. As suspected, the price of deposit is more than I would pay for a ticket! A deposit for Kathleen and me would be $5,000. I can hardly imagine the price of the tickets!
So, NFL, thank you for asking but I must decline for reasons of, "that's far more than I can afford when I can watch it on 4K TV."

I do hope the Chiefs get their three-peat, especially in view of arrogant doubters like Troy Aikman. 
If they win, Patrick will have 133% of Aikman's Super Bowl titles. 


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