Sunday Fun: Which Livery for the New Air Force One?

I'm curious what readers think. The new Air Force One is being built. Which livery (paint scheme) do you prefer? Please make your preference known in the comments. 
We'll call them "traditional" and "red, white and blue." 


  1. Traditional one. You don't want to have a plan of that type with a dark color body because of the amount of heat produced by the electronics in the aircraft.

  2. Replies
    1. Traditional look, as distinct to our Air Force One. The Red, white and blue option looks as an undistinguished commercial aircraft

  3. Mr. Smith, you failed to disclose to your readers that the decision to remain with the traditional paint scheme was made over one year ago.
    The red, white and blue design originated in 2018, when Boeing struck the deal to make the two new planes with then-President Trump. Trump’s preferred color scheme was rejected last year because it would require additional engineering, increasing the time it would take to build and the cost of the aircraft. The dark blue paint also threatened to overheat sophisticated electronic components on board and would have required additional Federal Aviation Administration qualification testing, according to the Air Force.


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