Happy Super Sunday!!

Jan Stenerud, the Chiefs' legendary kicker -- who played in the 1971 
Christmas Day game --presents the Lamar Hunt Trophy after the
Chiefs won the AFC Championship last Sunday
Photo: CBS Sports

Today is a day Chiefs fans never thought would never occur. 

The Kansas City Star has a touching article about the generations of utter frustration of being a Chiefs fan in the years from Christmas Day 1971, when we lost the longest game in NFL history to the Dolphins, to the Patrick Mahomes era. 
What the location of Kansas City's old Municipal Stadium 
looks like today. Famous Arthur Bryant's bar-b-que
is five blocks 
north on Brooklyn.

Six years ago, when we saw Mahomes start against Denver in place of then-starting QB Alex Smith (a great man, who never got enough credit), we knew something special was about to occur. But, we would never have dreamed we would make the Super Bowl four out of the next five years. 

Chiefs fans do not take this lightly.  

When we (I was there) walked away from the Dolphins loss in Municipal Stadium (the last game ever to be played there, it is now a park), we assumed -- with Len Dawson as our QB, coach Hank Stram, and most of the Super Bowl IV players still with us -- we'd be back every few years. We had no idea it would take exactly a half century. 

It would have been perfect if Detroit had been our opponent today because their fans deserve it after all these years of frustration. 

So, Chiefs and 49's fans, don't just enjoy this: savor it. 

And, Go Chiefs!!!


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