Two Areas of Winter Weather! [Updated 7:25pm CST]

Two major areas of winter weather. Please review the forecasts below and check back from time to time as I will be updating all weekend. 

Let's Begin with the Northeast. 
Dark blue is a winter storm watch. Pale green is a coastal flood watch and the bright green is a river flood warning. Update: high winds now appear to be possible with this storm. 

Preliminary snowfalls.
The snow should begin Monday night. 

Great Plains
Pink is a winter storm warning and blue is a winter weather advisory (lesser condition). Greens are river flood warnings. 

Forecast snowfall from now until 8am Monday. I still believe a few of the areas shown are an over-forecast (too much snow) but there is a possibility of snow thunderstorms which have been known to dump great amounts very quickly. 

Forecast radar for 9am Sunday. 
Forecast radar for 11pm Sunday (after the Super Bowl parties).


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