Super Sunday Severe? Probably! Super Sunday Snow? Haven't Got a Clue!

Let's begin with the forecast for Sunday for severe thunderstorms and, maybe, a couple of tornadoes. 
If you live in the yellow area, please check back as there is a possibility of severe thunderstorms in that area (and I already feel sorry for any television meteorologists who may have to interrupt the Super Bowl!). 

As promised, I am displaying my forecast map of where accumulating snow may occur from 12:01am Sunday to 10pm Sunday night. 
I have very little confidence in this forecast as to amounts and locations. 

When I say the models and data are "all over the place" it is the worst it has been in several years. Below is an assemblage of model data snowing forecast snowfall at Wichita's Eisenhower National Airport. 
Yes, it is really true. The forecast snowfall amounts for Sunday through 6pm range from zero to 21 inches! The other forecast points over the northwest half of Oklahoma and southern Kansas all look more or less like this. 

I'll take another shot at the snowfall either late this evening or tomorrow morning depending on what the data shows.

Stay tuned!!


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