Major Flood Threat: California!

This was Interstate 5, the major north-south freeway in California, in San Diego earlier today. Major flooding occurred in the area. 
Brandon Wright-Rowan, via NWS
There was major flash flooding in the San Diego Metro today. 

Radar showed an east-west line of thunderstorms that caused as much as 3.5" of rain in the mountains, which occurs only about once every dozen years. At the airport, 2.7" of rain fell -- making it the 5th wettest day in history at the airport. 

Unfortunately, the weather pattern setting up for California is going to transition the state from "moderately wet" to "flooding likely."

The rainfall the next seven days will be nothing remarkable (see below).

The NWS's 8-14 day rainfall forecast calls for extremely high confidence in a wetter-than-normal forecast. This weather pattern may continue beyond day 14. 
If I was a resident of California and live in an area where flooding has historically occurred, I would make preliminary preparations for heavy rain and/or flood conditions. Again, this won't develop overnight but it could get very serious before it is all over. 


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